Monday, May 20, 2002

What is happiness? this morning on the radio there is a story about a guy, Alan de Botton, who had achieved what he thought was the ultimate in happiness: the holiday of a lifetime - lying on a beach in Barbados only to discover that he had brought all his worries with him. Now this bestselling author has written a book, The Art of Travel, which explains why foreign holidays alone can never mmake us happy.

You can't take a holiday from yourself.

Yesterday The Observer had a large spiel on the general unhappiness in our society yet we appear to have everything.
What is missing of course is peace with oneself. Without sounding all New Agey maybe its the lack of spirituality in our lives that is causing so much unhappiness.
Just a thought...back to building web pages.

Met up with Sue, Mona and Robert last Friday - we all graduated at the same time- now we are planning to share an exhibition. Have sounded out one gallery in Glasgow.

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