Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Stolen Sculpture!

"Where's your black panther?" said a friend this morning looking around the garden. I looked across into the wooded area alongside the road and - no panther. This is a life-size black resin sculpture I made some years ago which I am very fond of.
That's when I realised it had been nicked. This is not the first time I've had work stolen- the other occasion was a vcr/tv and tape from a gallery. But at least I could claim on the insurance and go out and buy another telly. As it was a digital work I still had the mastercopy.
But sculpture is different. It's a one -off.
The police were quick off the mark and two arrived within an hour taking statements etc. Maybe it will turn up on e-bay......

1 comment:

icewulf said...

sorry to hear about the stolen panther.
do you ever post pictures of your artwork?
i am hungry to learn and master digital art...trying some stuff doing self study, mosrltly i use photoshop...i saw you drop by my blog, thanks! you even lef somethin in my guestmap...thanks for that too! i will drop by often here.

by the way i used to paint and sculpt as a highschool student. :)