Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Travel blog- caribbean

Hi! Check out my new multi-media travel blog based on recent visit to the Caribbean.
I have used text photos and video. Bit of a struggle for a non-geek like myself but did manage it.
If I can anyone can ...

Ann's Caribbean travel blog

Why the peculiar name? As a child I was known as Titch and in the last year I have taken twittering under the name of Titchtwitter.
Thought you would like to know. Or maybe not...

Hope the link works. I am doing this on my iPad and it lacks some functions like being able to highlight sections and paste web links.
That said the iPad is the best gadget I have had for years . It allowed me to make an easy digital diary while in the Caribbean - bigger screen than an iPhone and not as heavy as a laptop. In fact the ideal travelling companion.

And I no longer have to carry books and magazines around . It's all online. In my handbag.

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