Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The city that distrusts photographers

   I am great admirer of the Magnum photographers so I looked with special interest at last Sunday Observer colour magazine  (17.11.13) which carried a selection of photos they had taken in Marrakech in preparation for the worlds largest photography museum opening there in two years time.

   Two years ago I stayed in a riad in the medina and took photos. Here was a rare opportunity to compare my work with these internatioanl photographers. I would learn from them, see the opportunities I missed.

   But it was not to be. The Magnum photographers had encountered an unfriendly reception from the locals and were unable, with the exception of Susan Meiselas, to access the local community who for cultural reasons are very unhappy to be photographed.

    Well, for some reason I was able to win their trust and here is the result.

It is a city of contrasts, the old way of life mixing alongside the new:

While there I took a day trip to the Atlas Mountains, only regretting it could not have been longer:

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