Friday, February 15, 2002

Oh hell!...I've just deleted a whole diary item by mistake.
So here goes again.
Went to the Gallery of Modern Art last night to the opening of Patricia MacKinnon Day's exhibition Naked Spaces. Once it was explained to me I found it interesting but this is the dilemma I have with so much conceptual art - you've either (a) got to read whole screeds of explanation first in order to understand or (b) get somebody to explain it to you. What you can't do is just stand there in front of it and hope to "get it".

Met Sean McGlashan, the curator. He said GOMA are delighted to have my videos in their permanent collection. Felt really chuffed. Makes up for the hassle I got at Glasgow School of Art where I ended up with a 2.2 which I am still very pissed about..

Then for something completely different.. the film Gosford Park. Very entertaining. Just a thought?,,,why are the British so obsessed with the goings-on of the upper classes in times past? Trouble is there still exists such pockets in our society now. The film brought back my own memories of the year I spent as a personal maid to the British Ambassador in Iceland.
I wrote about it and landed the newspaper - Western Mail in Wales- in a libel action. But that's another story....

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