Saturday, February 16, 2002

Went to a lecture at the Glasgow Film Theatre given by Christine Geraghty of Goldsmith college. It is for GSA students but open to all. A few of us post grads like to meet up on Fridays and go along to these lectures. Its a way of keeping in touch after college.
Christine spoke on:"What's wrong with studying EastEnders?" Well, have never watched it .
She showed us a clip: a scene dealing with incest between uncle and niece. It was riveting. No wonder this television soap attracts millions of viewers.
Nobody asked about "dumbing down" of telly in recent years then realised that for the vast majority of people in the room this is all they have ever known.

An interesting point was made that research shows many people will have telly on but don't actually watch it. Activities ranged from playing musical instruments to one girl who did her homework with her back turned to the telly!

Geraghty did say that with the advent of computers, the internet and multi-media inter-activity the ordinary television set as we know it may be already have had its day.

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