Sunday, September 04, 2011

Visiting Open Studios in Perthshire

Lys Hansen in her studio in Braco, Perthshire.

Textile artist Clare Robinson in her Braco studio..

Perthshire Open Studios started yesterday. Visited two in Braco, Lys Hansen, an international artist and Clare Robinson a young textile artist who has re-located from Edinburgh to Perthshire and works for Liberty.

And this is what always surprises me about visiting Perthshire Open Studios - you find artists have moved here from the cities, many from down south, because they can combine their work with a good quality of life.

Going further north today to Dunkeld where I expect to find even more artists who have opted for the good life: big cheap ( well not that cheap this is Perthshire) studios, beautiful locations and thanks to the internet they can work anywhere.
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