Friday, April 03, 2015

Over to Delta Studios for three hours Life Drawing.

We had a male model, John, with a suntan  you could die for- result of  six weeks in Australia. 

As a mature model now retired from his professional life he has discovered there is a great demand in Scotland for models so he has got himself a new career modelling for colleges ( those that still teach it), art clubs and studios.

I am not surprised he is in demand. He has an amazing body.

Life Drawing is no longer taught in most art colleges, or if it is then its minimal (I got two weeks at Glasgow School of Art) yet the demand from artists for drawing from life continues.
There is something very fundamental for an artist when you are confronted by a nude model. Mistakes are instantly recognizable. You can’t fudge lack of observation.

I would argue there is still a role for Life Drawing . What do you think?

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