Friday, May 17, 2002

Have got my own Web Page up at last. Go to
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Monday, May 13, 2002

For some reason the link to The Herald failed to work.
So, here goes
Building my own web site - despite what the pundits say- is a SLOW business.
This morning managed to set up my own domain
But...I can't make links anymore.
So, here goes. How about trying to contactthe Herald, the paper I worked on for nearly 20 years in Glasgow.
it should come up at: No comments:
Yet another graduate of Glasgow School of Art walks away with a major prize:
Toby Paterson wins this year's Beck's Futures art prize.
He is the second one from the college to win it following in the footsteps of Roddy Buchanan in 2000.
Congratulations Toby!

Now Philip Dodd, director of London's ICA says that the cutting edge of art has moved from London to Glasgow!....

Scotland's newest music and arts centre- The Tolbooth- has just opened in Stirling. Went in last night for a drink with some friends. Apart from the architecture which is truly amazing , I hardly recognized the place where I used to share a studio space there some years ago- the maintopic of conversation among everyone was: ghosts.
yep. The place is haunted. Mysterious sounds, and crashing of bottles have been heard and seen including a gin bottle flying off the bar only to land unbroken on the floor!
Worth a visit.