Wednesday, August 28, 2013

International photographic collaboration


Art, we are told, is all about collaboration, these days.

And I suddenly realised that is what I have been involved in during the past couple of weeks – on an international scale in the virtual world.

I decided to check out this morning where in the real world all the other 23 photographers live who are taking part in the Blipfoto Filterama Challenge .
 I know them in the virtual world only by their screen name.

bracelet bonanza

I got a surprise.

I expected most of them to be in Scotland after all that is where Blipfoto, the Edinburgh based online photographic diary started.

Instead I found 8 were in Australia, 6 in New Zealand, 6 England, 2 Scotland, 1 America, and 1 South Africa.

For the past three weeks (and it is being extended by popular demand) each Monday we are invited to submit a “before” and “after” photograph of the day using a filter along with the technical info on how we achieved that effect.

Peer group review comes from the hits and comments. Its free and open to all to participate.
 Check it out.