Thursday, December 02, 2010

Garden - Bridge of Allan

This is an experiment - a slideshow of my garden in winter.

Whoops! We have a technical glitch ! Uploaded QuickTime movie yet it doesn't shown up now .Where has it gone?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My garden in winter

The recent heavy fall of snow has transformed my garden into something out of Narnia.

There's a story behind the Black Panther .

I had it stolen and I put a notice up in the local Post office in Bridge of Allan offering a reward.
Some days later I received a phone call.

It had been spotted in a field full of sheep...

Well it was Freshers Week at Stirling University and I reckon some students just lifted it - since then I have moved it to another part of the garden where it is no longer visible from the road.

"Black Panther" Ann Shaw, (fibre-glass)

"Furrowed Brow" ( lower image) by Dominic Clare is carved from oak. Now it lives beneath an oak tree in my garden.