Thursday, October 08, 2015

Censorship of the arts

Political correctness gone mad! I’ve been asked by the Macrobert arts centre in Stirling to remove a hashtag because it might reflect badly on them. It refers to a cartoon drawn by a member of my mud workshop of Cameron and a pig.

Are they devoid of a sense of humour? Whatever happened to artistic freedom of expression?  

What’s more this workshop forms part of Luminate Scotland’s festival for Creative Ageing- not that you would know that in the Macrobert arts centre.

I asked if they might give our workshop, which was highly successful, some publicity- and was told to do it myself!


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Mud workshop - part of Luminate Festival

We had  a very successful mud workshop yesterday in the Macrobert Arts centre, part of the annual Luminate- Scotland's Creative Ageing Festival.

I must sdmit that I was very worried that nobody would turn up because the day before the event only two people had registered! however I knew several had said they were coming.

We created a scroll and a mass of mud paintings- everyone loved the freedom that mud gave them to be expressive and not to worry about making "correct" marks.

I briefed them with the words:"Anything goes."

And they came up with some surprising results, including a cartoon in homage to our Prime Minister, David Cameron and his "pig" .