Monday, October 20, 2014

Artists studios

What kind of studio space do artists require?

Traditionally the answer was simple: a big, airy space with north facing windows and affordable.
WASPS, a Scottish based charity, aim to provide such spaces and they were in Stirling last week doing a presentation.

Chris of WASPS (pictured) pointed out that the kind of space artists require these days is changing.

One new interesting venture is their South Block in Glasgow, a new studio complex with 64 studios as well as facilities for hot-desking and commercial offices too.

A more radical approach  is the  The Bothy Project , an innovative private enterprise that offers artists the chance to make work in remote  corners of the Scottish landscape from forests to an isolated Hebridian island.

And then there is the other extreme-, which I inhabited today- a virtual space shared with photographers on a global online photographic project .

So when we talk of space for artists we have to start thinking outside the box.