Thursday, March 26, 2015

V & A travelling gallery comes to Stirling

The future is digital.
Well, we all know this but it still comes as a jolt when confronted with some of the latest technologies used in the creation of art.

jewellery designed by Lynne Maclachlan using computer software and 3Dprinting.

Today the Design in Motion exhibition, a collaboration between the V&A museum

and the Travelling Gallery came to Stirling.

All the designers featured use digital technologies to push the boundaries of their discipline enabling them to create work that is totally knew and unexpected.

One of the most innovative is this piece by Geoffrey Mann where he has used a 3D printer to visualise the fluttering of a moth. Mann, Director in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art, is fascinated by the idea of transforming the ephemeral nature of time and motion into forms that we can see using photographic and digital technologies.

Geoffrey Mann's printed 3D image inspired by the fluttering of a moth.

For those who love playing computer games

Strawberry Thief, based on a William Morris fabric, offers an expressive, creative and immersive experience. Even if you are of the generation that I am and hate the idea of computer games I must confess that this one did offer a zen like experience, maybe because it is designed by a young woman, Sophia George, still in her early twenties and the first ever V& A Game Designer in Residence.

Strawberry Thief, computer game designed by Sophia George.

You can download this app free from the App Store.