Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Kidnapped"- drawing made from mud in Robert Louis Stevenson cave

The curator is deep in conversation with a local artist as I pass through the museum café to join friends for lunch.

I can imagine the conversation. The artist requesting an exhibition, the curator explaining,  much as she liked the artists work, that finances are tight and her schedule is already booked for two, maybe three years ahead... 

And it got me thinking is this best that artists can hope for in this digital age?

The music industry has been blown apart by the arrival of the internet with the traditional gatekeepers- record producers, music publishers, and music critics ihaving lost their  immense power. 
The floodgates are open. Yes it’s far more difficult for musicians to get their  voices heard and they  have to be good, very good to be heard. But at least it is a level playing field. 

And it got me thinking too about my own practise. I make-work, upload it to several websites and get feedback that day.  For free. Instantly.

What I am doing, and others who use the internet as an integral part  of their  practise, is build our own “tribe” or “followers”, or if you want to be commercially minded our own “client base.”

"Kidnapped" -drawing made with mud from the floor of Robert Louis Stevenson cave, along the Allanwater river, Bridge-of-Allan. RLS spent many childhood holidays in this area and it is believed to have been the inspiration behind both "Kidnapped" and "Treasure Island".