Monday, December 02, 2013

Diary of a Masterclass with Paolozzi

"All human experience is just one big collage."  Paolozzi

Editing my diary of Ten Days with Paolozzi – a Masterclass held in Edinburgh College of Art – I have been struck by how prescient he was of our future: of the role robots play, of the melding of man, machine and robot, how technology is changing us as beings and the way we interact with the world yet at the same time he ransacked cultures from the past re-creating them in his own  images. He regarded the studio more like a kitchen or cauldron mixing stuff up and seeing what emerges at the end.

On a personal level I found my time with Paolozzi just as beneficial, if not more so, in some ways than four years at Glasgow School of Art because with Paolozzi one had a link direct to the past – he had met Braque, Arp, Giacometti, Leger, Dubuffet, Miro and Tristan Tzara in Paris.

And in a strange way the process of turning this diary into a book means I am re-living that time in Ediburgh College of Art and in a vicarious way touching these seminal figures from our artistic past.