Friday, September 03, 2004

Just discovered some videoblogging sites. Must work out how to upload some footage. Trawled through the South American site of the Dutch filmmaker- despite the glowing report given it by The Guardian I found it not as informative as expected, more geeky than travel. See for Luuk Bouwman

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Decided to revisit Craig-y-nos, former home of world famous opera singer Adelina Patti which became a sanatorium. Spent some years there as a child. This was a very emotional trip down memory lane. The castle was more like a prison than a hospital.
Today it is used as a
Returning to my home country of Wales is always full of surprises. Just back from a joint wedding anniversary and birthday party of my cousins Ken and Ann Powell. They have a farm near Maescwmmer and the party for 130 people was held in the garden. We were lucky in that it didnt rain because they have had a very wet summer- Wales is notorious for its rain- amongst the food, fireworks and festivities was Gerry Walker, magician. I promised him that I would put a link to his web-site on my blog diary. He didnt believe me. Well, Gerry here it is: Enjoy!