Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Immersive and interactive-is that the future?

I was at a classical concert the other night and I could not help but notice the age profile of the people there.
Was there anyone there under 50?

In fact the whole experience seemed dated: row after row of people sitting passively in silence for several hours listening to music.

Then throw in the fact that I could have heard better quality at home downloaded free from Spotify.

But there is something special about watching live performances and that will be why concerts survive in the future.

 Somehow though I sense they are going to have to update that experience.

Cinemas face a different problem.

They are worried about getting “bums on seats”.
Last year saw a 17 per cent drop in attendance amongst young people in the 17-24 age group,
those who have grown up accustomed to interacting with digital technologies since the moment they could hold electronic devices.

Now studios are fighting back. Coming soon to a cinema near you, well if you happen to live in the US, are cinemas, which are

Not only will your seat vibrate but you will be surrounded by special effects: bubbles, sprayed water, smells, vibrating seats.....

Will it ever reach Scotland?

Image: To sleep perchance to dream- whalebone carving by Eskimo placed in Mine Woods, Bridge of Allan

Global sharing of culture

Within a few seconds of uploading this photo of 74 year old tap-dancer Rosemary McGregor on to a social media site - Blipfoto- today I got a response from South Africa and it made me aware yet again of the different way we consumer culture and participate in it today.

Yesterday was another example of a global sharing of photographs on Blipfoto around one theme- Season-
with around 100 participating.