Friday, August 27, 2004

Some good news! Just heard from Chicago that the meeting to discuss planning regulation changes to the The Three Arts Club has been postponed. Maybe they are having second thoughts now that they see the amount of opposition there is to radically changing this historic building.(
Visited Edinburgh Fringe Festival yesterday ( usual traffic chaos in the city. Wish had gone in by train.
Went to see Chronicles- Lamentations by the Polish theatre/music/dance group. Fantastic! no wonder it got a Fringe award. Deals with music on the edge between life and death.(
Called in to see a photographic/painting exhibition -21st Century Dream-French based work. Particularly liked Vanessa Franklin's work has a touch of humour about it - she takes famous French paintings and reinterprets them digitally. (

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Guess you are wondering what prompted me to resurrect this blog...well I got an e-mail from a friend in Chicago to tell me that the Three Arts Club ( faces a crisis. It closed for upgrading and now it looks as if the developers have their eyes on it.
I spent a great year there in 2000 while at the School of the Art Institute ..(

Can you believe it?....nearly TWO YEARS since last posted!
No, have not been asleep. Millions of problems starting with my beloved AppleMac getting itself all in a twist cause I upgraded ( big mistake) to OSX.
Anyway, this is just checking that the system works again.