Saturday, April 13, 2002

Head stuck in computers and editing suites for past week to 10 days hence no blog diary.
Had a break visiting Glasgow Art Fair which was disappointing.

Tremendous sense of deja-vu. Same old paintings, same old frames,same old names, only the people manning the stalls seemed to have changed.
And the prices they were asking? they must be kidding!...the only people I saw buying were an elderly couple purchasing a Scottish landscape. Nothing wrong with that. Except I have seen more innovation walking around Habitat.
Perhaps that sums up the gallery scene today. Only old people want to buy traditional paintings.
Maybe painting really is dead. Does it have anything new to say ?
Tramway offered some new and interestingmulti-mediawork. ended up buying a CD for £5 Where Do We Go From Here by the Icelandic Love Corporation. Now that was refreshing...and new.

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