Friday, March 17, 2006

Grow in peace

Nick Ford installs his stone text piece in the garden this morning. It complements the acorn he built earlier in the background.

This is a site-specific piece designed in conjunction with Nick and the aim is to create an experience of peacefulness and silence under the canopy of the fir trees yet reflecting the organic nature of the garden too.

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Anonymous said...

hi ann, i loved the sculptures you have in your garden - and i loved seeing how the snow transformed them into something else - very magical! nice blog - interesting thoughts. i had a look round your website too but couldnt get your videos to play - some problem with the apple server i'm afraid :( but liked your stuff, very interesting - it's motivating me to dig out 'premiere' again and start some of my own videos :) cheers for now, euan (from the writing class)