Monday, May 23, 2011

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"Strong" image inspired by online emotional testing kit
Ann Shaw | Image | Artists talking | a-n

Waiting for the winds of 70mph ripping through Scotland to drop off before I go over to Delta Studios with work for the Forth Valley Open Studios exhibition.

I am submitting an installation, “Mobile Art”, of 100 images created either on on my iphone or ipad .

Last year I sold my iphone images for £5 each.
They proved to be very popular but they were certainly not cost effective considering the work that went into them for they were individually printed and mounted on foam board.

Also I was very uneasy with this arrangement then for I seemed to be trying to stay with one foot in the traditional print world and the other in the digital.
And succeeding in neither.

So this year I have freed myself from the tyranny of trying to produce conventional art for sale and I am giving the images away for free – in digital form sent either to peoples mobiles or computers.

I feel a lot happier with this arrangement since the images were designed on an electronic device and should be viewed on one.

David Hockney recent exhibition in Paris abandoned canvas altogether and he showed work created and shown entirely on electronic devices.

No sign of winds dropping so will video the storm instead and go to Delta Studios tomorrow.

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