Sunday, November 03, 2013

Drawing Together

Drawing Together

“What on earth are they doing?” you may well ask.

Well this is the grand finale of a group of artists in the heart of Scotland “drawing together” using every kind of utensil you can think of from sweeping brushes and mops to household paint brushes, sponges and plastic balls using pure graphite and printmaking ink.

For we were all taking part in Perth Visual Arts Forum “Drawing Together” day at the Birnam Institute, Dunkeld.

Those of us who had travelled from neighbouring Stirlingshire were envious of the sheer quality, diversity and organisation of this artist led venture.

We have nothing like it in our area.

A number of international artists (Ilana Halperin, Su Grierson, Liz Kemp and Pat Law) spoke about their residencies in places as diverse and remote as the Arctic, Iceland, Japan and Kenya.

And one workshop run by Kate Downie on using the ipad as a drawing tool using an app called Paper53 will surely see the sale of ipads soar. Even the most cynical were converted at the end – here at last was an app designed for artists.

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