Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Masterclass with Paolozzi - 1996

Paolozzi having his hand cast in plaster- Edinburgh College of Art, 1996

“The golden rule is just to follow one's obsessions."
 Eduardo  Paolozzi

 "Paolozzi is all about the unexpected - as anyone brave enough to sign up for his Masterclass in Edinburgh this summer will quickly discover” – art critic Iain Gale. The Independent

Well, I signed up for this Masterclass in Edinburgh College of Art  and Paolozzi asked us to keep a diary. I did so. 

The other day I re-read it  and realised what a remarkable insight it offered into this grand old man of British sculpture.

Oh it was not easy. We had a roller-coaster  ten days when we saw Paolozzi in both his benign and belligerent moods.

Today with the ease of self-publishing  both e-book and print-on-demand  I have decided to put publish that diary. 

But first comes the difficult bit- editing the images and text.

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