Tuesday, April 01, 2014

An independent Scotland?- Stirling leads the way.

Such confidence do Stirling have in the yes vote for independence that our local council have already introduced a number of schemes in a move to the right.

First off the block are the road signs. All traffic is now on the right side bringing us in line with the rest of Europe.

It’s England that's out of step not us.

Our little village was the first to introduce this and yes it did cause some confusion especially among the elderly who form 95 per cent of the population if Bridge of Allan.  Offenders were sent for retraining.

In support of the move to the right the Smith Art gallery and museum have a current exhibition of Hitler’s watercolours and drawings and according to a spokesperson for the gallery it has been the most popular ever.

We are proud to be the first town in Scotland to introduce the new Twinty Poonds note.

Nigel Fahrenheit leader of Ukip will be opening Stirling Highland Games in August. Instead if tossing the caber he will be throwing a life size model of David Cameron and a smaller one of Clegg.

And to celebrate victory in the Scottish Referendum, Stirling council arts department, the most innovative in Scotland, have already commissioned six artists, of which I am one, to make 10 ft. replicas of each member of the Tory cabinet which will be set on fire in a huge Bonfire of the Vanities at Stirling Castle the night the yes vote is announced.

The grassroots support for this, especially from the Green Party, has surprised even Alex Salmond.
He said: " Never in my wildest dreams did I expect such enormous support from Stirling Council"

He has agreed to do the official opening of the Bonfire of the Vanities.

He added: " nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see those old Etonians go up in a puff of smoke. This will be a great moment in Scottish history, one to rival Bannockburn."

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