Sunday, March 08, 2015

How to avoid writing...

Faced with a blank sheet of paper, or a computer screen these days, I go through a whole series of displacement activities to avoid the inevitable  writing.

Well, this morning I began  the task of turning another of my blogs into a book but first there was  a whole series of excuses to avoid starting and it culminated in rearranging some flowers on the kitchen table into this little tableau "Kitchen Still Life".

What tactics do you have for avoid doing something you know you are going to have to? My favourite methods of procrastinations include going for a long walk ( I did), cleaning the house (ditto) de-clutteirng a room (ditto) so after all that there was not much left apart from making another cup of coffee,  reading the Guardian (again) and finally re-arranging those flowers....

And yes I did get started, since you ask.

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