Monday, September 21, 2015

"Of the Earth"

Well, I have been so busy with my exhibition, "Of the Earth" in Dunblane museum that I have not had time to update this diary.

We had a very good launch night with lots of people including the dancers who took part in my video:
"Time Passing".
(link to YouTube)

At one stage someone said there were more dancers than artists there!

Having this solo exhibition has been a steep leanring curve - you ge to see first hand what the public lke or dont like about your work.  I am in the gallery part of the time and if  I manage to engage peoplei n conversation then its great, especially when you discover that so many are visitors, often from abroad, seeking out their roots.
In the grand scale of things ( three month world tour) its understanable tht they are not going to spend much time with my exhibition therefore I was really chuffed to find in the Visitors Book a comment from an Australian visitor who had enjoyged the diversity of my work- it rnges from mud paintings to mobile art ( created on my iPhone).

How do you judge a success of an exhibition? by media coverage? -apart from a single column in local freesheet, nothing. By works sold? - two. Or by interaction with the public?  - in which case good.
My installation and inter-active text/box :"Getting Older....what does it mean to you?" has resulted in a flurry of contributions which I will turn into a text piece, maybe a small booklet.

This ties in with an article I read in the latest Tate magazine that says museums/galleries in the future will be multi-purpose spaces where all kinds of events would take place.
They would no longer be places where you walked in to stare at objects.

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